our mission

We are dedicated professionals who are passionately committed to providing evidence-based and scientifically sound services to develop, implement, and achieve your lifestyle goals. Our patients’ needs are considered above all else. Our primary concern is how an impairment or limitation is affecting our patients’ lives, and we keep that in mind during both evaluation and treatment. Utilizing the most innovative, safe and effective treatment techniques, we offer complete preventative and rehabilitative programs to return individuals to normal daily life and activities. For those with sports-related issues, we help return them to peak performance, both in recreational and competitive activities.

Our staff consists of highly trained specialists with national certifications by the most widely recognized professional organizations in the country. We specialize in treatments and rehabilitation focusing on orthopedic manual therapy, pelvic floor dysfunction, pain management after spine surgery, joint replacement rehabilitation with a focus on return to sport, sports injury sprains/strains and balance/vestibular rehabilitation. We offer dry needling in conjunction with manual therapy for pain management. To assist in this, we have an indoor half tennis court which serves as high performance floor to help treat patients with the desire to return to an active lifestyle. Ancillary programs include personal training, fitness and yoga programs, and massage therapy.