Our History | Wellness Institute - Okatie, SC

Our History … Our Values … Our Horizons …

The New River Wellness Institute is owned by Coastal States Automotive Group, which has been serving drivers throughout the Lowcountry and coastal Georgia for the past 14 years.

Coastal States Automotive Group made the decision to branch out into the healthcare market in our community in 2013, and our decision has been a good one. We are proudly helping members of our community achieve their health and fitness goals, and also helping patients on the road to recovery for various physical ailments through physical therapy.

Located just down the road from the New River Auto Mall, the Wellness Institute opened in May of 2014 This beautiful, high-tech facility is for our staff, customers, and members of the general public who are looking to enhance their health with positive lifestyle improvements. It includes physical therapy, yoga and TRX classes, golf swing and tennis swing analysis with professional instructors, massage, and more.

Our goal at the Wellness Institute is the same as that of our parent company, Coastal States Automotive Group, and that is  to have “0 dissatisfied customers” by providing the best experience ever. . We have the good health of our patients in mind at all time, and we want to make everyone feel better!

Just as members of the community choose the Coastal States Automotive Group and the Wellness Institute to address their needs, we give back to the community. We are one of the area’s largest employers, with almost 400 people calling it their workplace. We’re also the area’s largest supporter of community and charity events, donating to local non-profits each year. We understand that, just as no man is an island, neither is a business — we support the community and the community supports us. That’s one of our core principles.

This is an idea that has guided our President & CEO Warner Peacock through the years. As more dealerships and other businesses were acquired and grew into what is now Coastal States Automotive Group, these principles have guided the business to become an integral part of the Lowcountry of South Carolina.

We always keep our community close to our hearts, and each member is important. To our customers, friends and neighbors: We look forward to many more years of growing in your communities. The future looks bright!