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Accidents happen: Some significantly needing immediate medical attention and assessment, and some minor but nevertheless, affecting performance and productivity. The latter, especially back and neck strains, evoke significant personal cost and may lead to long-term impairment. Early intervention in these sprains and strains will be cost effective in the long run. South Carolina is a direct access state, which means that for most insurance programs patients do not need a referral from their physician to access cost-effective physical therapy. It has been documented that 90% of primary care visits are musculoskeletal related and treatment provided is primarily directed at the symptom control (medication) and often unnecessary costly interventions (radiographic studies, MRI, CT scan, NCS, etc.). Rehabilitation is usually a delayed intervention leading to longer periods of dysfunction. Physical therapists specialize in musculoskeletal injuries.

Performed by our licensed staff, we can:

  • Implement a plan for simple injury management.
  • Educate patients about a comprehensive home exercise program.
  • Initiate a more structured physical therapy intervention to return to full function.


Free Physical Screening

no obligation – no prescription needed

Call (843) 547-4058 or fill out the basic info below and one of our staff will contact you to with further information or to set an appointment.