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30- and 50-minute sessions
Various times available throughout the week. Inquire for details and options that work for your goals and needs.

$60-$65 per 50-minute session
$40-$45 per 30-minute session

Get fit and reach your goals with customized training and programs. From weight loss and fat loss, strength, corrective exercise and post therapy or rehab, sports performance, or a deadline to look your best, our facility has all you need to meet your needs and goals. We work with all ages and ability levels, including children and young adults.

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30- and 50-minute sessions
2 people train concurrently

Inquire for pricing

Semi-private training is much more common than you may think. More trainers and fitness facilities, plus physical therapists, are using semi-private training as part of their services.

  • Each person training at a given time will still receive a CUSTOM workout during their session based on his or her goals and needs.
  • Semi-private personal training is DIFFERENT than small group training, in that small group training each person receives the same workout and exercises throughout the entire session. You will be doing your own individualized workout during semi-private training.
  • Ability to train at peak times.
  • Accountability and motivation during a given time slot.
  • You may train with someone you know OR you may be training at the same time as someone you may not know.
Semi Private Training

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30- and 50-minute sessions

Inquire for pricing and specialties.

Specialty areas may include golf or tennis performance training, sports (e.g.: running, cycling, gymnastics, soccer, swimming), improving strength and ability post injury and therapy, post cancer returning to activities of daily living or sport, post surgery strengthening. Patients who complete physical therapy programs often transition to personal training to continue gaining strength as they return to their sport or activity.

Sport Training

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2-8 people per session

30-and 50-minute sessions

Inquire for pricing

Group Training